Danee - The biggest dinner SKU: MD25

Danee gigantic stuffing video. Danee always loses control of herself when he eats Hamburger. He was so hungry, after the sport workout when he went out to get food, he ended up getting a 6 hamburger, with banana and one litre cola. He stuffs big huge mouthfuls of food into his hungry mouth, and you have lots of nice close-up views of the food entering her mouth and being chewed up. He just keeps stuffing more and more huge bites of food into hisbelly at a steady pace, and because he wear elastic shirt, you get to watch her belly expand gradually the more food he stuffs into his stomach. After he starts to become really full, you can tell he is feeling exhausted from overeating, and his belly is all bulged out and bloated from all the food. It's hard for his to take a deep breath, because all the food packed into his stomach is not allowing his lungs to expand all the way! His belly looks so full and tight, like it would be impossible to stuff anything else in there. He must his jeans unbutton, while dont comfortable more, his belly does not fit. It's hard for his to take a deep breath, because the elastic shirt is too tight, cant expands more. He destroy his shirt, tear that. He rips some great belches throughout the time he is eating, and you also get some great close-ups of her face and neck as he is chugging cola and swallowing it.


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